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If you support us with the Patreon, you can get special clothes in the game.

Support for Patreon

Nice to meet you, My name is Aji Gohan!
I’m creating indie games.

If you’re interested in my game or would like to
play it then your support is greatly appreciated.
Right now I don’t make much so my daily costs
and development funds are stretched thin.
All money earned through Patreon will go directly
to buying assets and tools for game production.

I want to make a good game with everyone’s help!
I am grateful for any support you can give.

[In development game]
Planned release on Steam (Early Access)
This game will be released through the Steam Direct program.
The title will be “Survival Method”.

Game about
This game is about a girls survival after a zombie outbreak
affects the entire world. (Story mode)

Game Story
A zombie pandemic occurred in a certain town in Japan.
A girl living in that town, Nao Humiduki, get caught in a zombie pandemic
The imminent zombies, mobs of mobs, lack of supplies, suspension of infrastructure
Can this Nao survive in the world after this zombie pandemic?

Game Features
Survival in the world after the zombie pandemic
To cut down trees to endure the zombie attack, make zombie traps and shelters and survive
If you do not take a meal or moisture your physical strength will decrease so collect, cultivate and hunt food survival
Scrambling of foods with looters and mobs
Raid of Zombies
Building system Logging trees to make bases (bases and zombie traps)
Crafts tools and weapons
Hunting animals
Food collection, cultivation in the field
Secure water source

Genre: Open World Survival Action

Genre: Open world survival action